Long Time


By: The Unknown Author

Apologies for the long delay in posting.

Jasper relocated to Egoli in August 2021 to be closer to his daughter, Shashi, and new arrival, granddaughter Ella.

Since the 2021 Financial Year beginning, much has changed on and around Hanglip:

  • The livestock operation is leased.
  • Some staff left, and found employment elsewhere, fortunate given the COVID–19 pandemic wearing on and on.

  • New interns arrived, and some “in turn” (ahem) have moved on to gainful employment as per the hopes and intentions of the intern programme.
  • The ANC’s share of the vote was lessened by an Independent Rate-Payer association in the last municipal elections
  • Barley sprouts were grown during the 2021 dry winter months, and fed to milkers. That was discontinued with the good spring rains providing abundant veld greens.
  • Shane Lieberberg and Jon Theron stayed for some months in the Werfgebou, but have now moved back to the farm “Hlton”.
  • Friend and assoiate Mr Charles Gavaza and family devoted last year’s winter and autumn to planting an old land to vegetables, following the “zhou” method of cultivation. After patiently waiting for Oom Jan’s “late frost” date (15 October) to pass, they fortunately caught very good spring rains.
  • A few months of fresh vegetable sales in Colesberg followed until the cold, and moreover the weirdly over-abundant autumn rains, set in.
  • The Oorlogspoort river rose and still the rain lingered, followed by massive flooding, convering the low level bridge on the Steynsburg road for a day or two.
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