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Markdown will replace Word processors

Why? Because everything is goingto the Web. Who wants to learn complex word processor programs when in the end theey will save to a far simpler format? Writing in word processors is like converting Pounds, Shillings & Pence to Dollars.

Q: Why would anyone count, as money:

  • 240 pennies
  • divided into 20 Shillings
  • 12 pennies each
  • or 2 x sixpence
  • or 4 x thruppence (four tickeys to South Africans)?
  • or, 21 shillings as a Guinea and pay horse-race winnings in Guineas, not pounds?

A: Because the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and Her/His Majesty says so, and you wouldn’t want to ruffle Big Lizzie, would you?

Well, we left HM behind on 31 May 1961, and with her went LSD (Pounds Shillings Pence, not hallucinatory drugs).

In the same way, Markdown will replace word processors. We spent a few decades getting Word- things under our learning belts, because what we wrote would end up in print on paper. Laser printers were the best thing since sliced bread!

No more. That was the Post Office economy, and we all know what happened to the SAPO.

Our latest education curricula include instruction for AI (Artificial Intelligence), but not yet Markdown. This is something like putting the cart before the horse.

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